Yesha Rughani Plays Aspiring Actor in Hero Gayab Mode On !

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Yesha Rughani

Muskaan actress Yesha Rughani is set to make a comeback on television with Hero- Gayab Mode On. Abhishek Nigam makes his television debut with Hero -Gayab Mode On. Abhishek is actor Siddharth Nigam’s brother.

Actres will be seen as an aspiring actor in the show. Talking about her charecter, Yesha said to TOI,  “My character’s name is Zara, an aspiring actor who has come to Mumbai to fulfil her dreams. So, this is a very fancy role and extremely opposite to what I have portrayed earlier. I have always played simple ‘bahu’ kind of roles, and this character gave me an opportunity to try something new”.

Talking about her preparations for the show, Yesha said: “Since the appearance and attire of character is very modern. I am going on healthy diets and maintaining my physique. I didn’t pay much attention to my body earlier, since I was mostly required to wear lehengas and sarees in my shows.”

“Also, I have got a nice haircut which is a historical moment for me because I have always had plain straight hair without any layers. This might be only the second time in my life that I have got a nice haircut. So, I am very excited for this role and show and am working hard to do justice to the character.” she added.

Hero – Gayab Mode On revolves around Veer (played by Abhishek Nigam) and his quest to find his father. His life gets exciting after he chances upon a miraculous ring, which upon wearing gives him the power of invisibility. Apart from Yesha and Abhishek, the show also stars Manish Wadhwa, Ajay Gehi and Nitish Pandey, among others. The sci-fi fantasy drama will premiere on Sony SAB on December 7.

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